A word from our Founder, Miss Shangrila.

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Our Story

A word from our Founder, Miss Shangrila.

Life is busy. It actually gets busier everyday. The amount of time we spend for ourselves is rather limited and often inconsistent. When I discussed with some of my earlier clients, I noticed that they all needed a break in their routine. From the hectic city, from a way of life that is sometimes “too” fast. They all wanted to take care of themselves but did not know where to go. We all wished to find a quiet place, clean, and with people who care about us, our feelings and ultimately put our wellbeing first. This is how I created The Shangrila Nails & Spa back. I wanted to freeze time for just an hour or two for my Guests. I wanted to create a safe haven for them to recharge, refuel and get readier for the tough life that is outside.

Since our launch, the Shangrila Nails & Spa has been constantly trying to redefine quality in luxury. Recognized for our international standards, our priorities are to offer a superior service in a spotless and cosy environment, with tools disinfection after each guest, and the use of “genuine” international brands. Our hard work and accomplishment got us featured in numerous blogs, international travel guides and on national and international televisions..

Our ultimate goal is your happiness and satisfaction. The Shangrila Nails & Spa, beauty (spa, lashes, facial), beauty tech and massage services; each service coming with free unlimited drinks, fast Wi-Fi, international newspapers & Magazines, Netflix, and so much more. We serve Guests from all over the world in fluent English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese!

So what type of Guest are you? If you love being pampered, if you prefer quality, favor excellence in service and believe you deserve nothing but the best, book today and visit us next time you are in town, you will not regret it!

– Shangrila Nails & Spa

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